DC's The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition (Comic-Con Exclusive)


Cryptozoic’s latest San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive is here! Don’t miss your chance to own DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition, made for San Diego Comic-Con 2017! Can’t make it to Comic-Con during the frenzied opening hours? This pre-order makes it possible for you to get this killer version of The Joker before it sells out!

The Clown Prince of Crime leaves his mark everywhere he goes! This “Bloody Noir” variant of DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue, the first in Cryptozoic’s series of hand statues, is a beautifully hand-painted, 7-inch tall polyresin statue that features the villain’s iconic gloved hand splattered with blood from one of his many victims. In addition to the regular four interchangeable Joker cards, this variant comes with an exclusive Cryptozoic Promo Card! Each statue comes individually hand-numbered from 1 to 200, with a Certificate of Authenticity, making it one of the most limited statues Cryptozoic Entertainment has ever produced!

The $25 deposit is non-refundable for DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition, which will be available at Cryptozoic's booth at Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego. The full price of the item is $100 plus sales tax.

In order to claim your DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition, you must come to Booth #115 at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and bring all three of these items:

  • Your Photo ID
  • Your 2017 Comic-Con Badge
  • The Credit Card used in this transaction

At the booth, your credit card will be charged an additional $75 plus California sales tax and you will be given your statue.

Please note:

  • We will not ship this item to you. If you do not pick it up, you will lose the item and your deposit.
  • You cannot designate someone else to pick up the item for you.
  • We will have an additional supply of DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition for purchase at our booth while supplies last.
  • Your pre-purchase here reserves the item for pick-up at our booth.

Any statues not sold or picked up during Comic-Con 2017 will be available for sale on our E-Store after 7/24/2017.


DC The Joker Calling Card Statue - "Bloody Noir" Edition FAQ
Will you be selling on preview night?

  • No. We will start selling exclusives on Thursday morning.

Do I have to go to SDCC to pick up my order or can I send someone to do that for me?

  • You must come and pick up your order yourself. You must bring the credit card you used to purchase the DC The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition with and that must match your photo ID.

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