DC Pumps Vinyl Figures: It’s All about the Shoes!

By Shahriar Fouladi

DC Pumps vinyl figures

We are pumped about our newest collectibles . . . DC Pumps! These vinyl figures are glamorous miniature high-heeled shoes inspired by your favorite female DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains.

For our team at Cryptozoic, these figures presented some unique design challenges. First of all, they are not based on the likenesses of specific characters (since they’re shoes). Even more difficult: They aren’t designed after the actual footwear of the various characters represented in the collection.

Instead, each of the DC Pumps takes its design cues from the costume, personality, and props of one of DC’s greatest female heroes or villains. So, we spent hours discussing what the most memorable aspects of the characters are. For example, when you think of Wonder Woman, what comes to mind? Some of the answers we came up with: red, white, and blue; stars; Invisible Plane; and Lasso of Truth.

With that info in hand, we began the actual design work. We won’t lie: We went through a lot of drafts . . . it was quite the process. The shoe had to include all the aspects that would make it clear to anyone that this is the Wonder Woman DC Pumps figure without actually being able to show, you know, Wonder Woman. So, check out what we eventually came up with.

DC Pumps - Wonder WomanDC Pumps - Wonder Woman

See the strap? That’s how we integrated the Lasso of Truth. The transparent heel is our playful nod to the character’s iconic Invisible Plane. Wonder Woman’s patriotic colors and stars are well-represented and, of course, we threw in her logo. What do you think? We may be a LITTLE biased, but we think our design team knocked it out of the park.

Check out some of the images below to see some of the other ways we worked in aspects of characters into the miniature shoes inspired by them. You’ll see elements of a jester costume for Harley Quinn; vines and a rose for Poison Ivy; wings and a mask for Hawkgirl; and goggles, a whip, a cat, and pearls for Catwoman. And, of course, the colors of the figures draw directly from the characters.

DC Pumps - Harley QuinnDC Pumps - Poison Ivy

DC Pumps - HawkgirlDC Pumps - Catwoman

The final element that helps DC Pumps stand out is the blind-reveal boxes they are packaged inside. Each one is designed to look like a high-fashion shoebox. When you pop a box open, it’ll be an amazing surprise: one of the nine distinct 2.25-inch shoes in the DC Pumps collection, or even one of the three rare variants (more details on the product page). 

Who are DC Pumps for? Anyone! Any person who wants DC figures that were created with tons of care by passionate fans will love them. We also hope that the figures have some special appeal for female collectors, who are all too often ignored.

See below for some of the glowing early reviews and even a cosplayer who made her own full-size version of the Harley Quinn Pumps. And then go get some DC Pumps for yourself: Collect and trade them, post pictures on social media, and display them proudly around your home or office!


“These are just way too cool. I mean, I just can’t put it into words how cool these are.”

“These shoes are tiny and adorable and I wish they made them in real-people sizes.”
DC Toys

“I am obsessed with these shoes!”
Epic Toy Channel

KaylaJeanCosplay inspired by Harley Quinn Pumps
KaylaJeanCosplay on Instagram


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