Keeping The Dream Alive

By Will Brinkman


The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game may have been the focus North American Continental Championship, but it was not the only game being played. After all, Epic Con-- Cryptozoic's gaming convention-- was also here at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and it's designed to be a comfortable and fun environment for fans of all hobby and tabletop games. Visitors to Epic Con could rent out or purchase tons of different board games or use the provided space to play whatever games they brought with them.

One of the games featured at Epic Con was the Star Wars Customizable Card Game, a game with quite a healthy fanbase despite the fact that it's been out of print for over ten years. How does a game out of retail so long thrive? Well, the players at the table had a consensus – “It's Star Wars, man” – but there's a lot to be said for the people behind it, too.

In this case, those people are the Star Wars CCG Players Committee. See, when Decipher, the company behind the CCG (and former home of several current Cryptozoic employees), stopped printing it, they made a deal with Lucasfilm Ltd. to allow the game's fan community leaders to keep the game's legacy alive. This included everything from organizing local and national tournaments to actually creating entirely new cards.

In fact, anyone can download and print the new virtual cards, which may include new text boxes, card name changes, and even replacements for entire parts of the card, to be placed over cards they already own. It's an ingenious way to keep the game going, and Scott Lingrell, the Advocate Council Lead for the Star Wars CCG Players committee, was understandably proud of what they offer.

“It helps cards maintain their value, because with virtual cards, you can make cards more powerful or more useful for certain scenarios while still having the original available too,” Lingrell told me. “We still see older, rare cards going for good money, but it's also easy for a new player to get a great deck for a small investment, because we were able to get a lot of the leftover CCG stock from Decipher when they ended the game.”

The Committee is also in charge of organized play, and they make it easy for store owners to organize sanctioned local tournaments. “Anyone can get a hold of us and say 'Hey, we have a budding community here, and it'd be awesome to get a local tournament going.' We always support it. This is our baby.”

And it shows! Tabletop and hobby gaming has always been something that inspires fierce loyalty in its players, so here at Cryptozoic and Epic Con, we support it 100%. You're welcome here whether you're light side or dark side, being chased by eldritch horrors through the streets of Arkham, settling in Catan, or shooting magic missiles at the darkness.

-Mike Sacco