Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

By Will Brinkman

It's a Walking Dead week. We just announced The Walking Dead Board Game, and now we're going to show off some of the memorabilia that will be available in our Walking Dead Trading Cards.

Autographs are planned for the set as well, but they're not back in our hands yet. We made a decision as we entered the collectible card market to only publish "confirmed" information. The production of trading cards has a lot of moving parts, including the collection of autographs from talent and securing show memorabilia from the studio. We made the choice to only show things that we can deliver. For autos, sketch card artists, and mem cards, that means in-hand here at the office. As people at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show saw, we have Rick's shirt and a few other pieces-- including one that was a teaser from a product we have yet to officially announce!

We'll take these shirts and make memorabilia cards out of them. They'll be randomly inserted into packs of The Walking Dead Trading Cards, giving you that little piece of your favorite show and character. And they're cool in that once all the material is used up, no more can be made. It's a truly limited piece. And, from the pictures, you can see that they've survivors as well. Sweat and dirt-- this stuff is authentic! Instead of ending up in a glass case at a Planet Hollywood neglected as someone pounds down a $12 cheeseburger, we're putting these rare cards in an accessible medium for card collectors and show fans. You'll be able to get yours this Fall, and let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see from our upcoming The Walking Dead release.